What Are The Side Effects Of Hoodia

What Are The Side Effects Of Hoodia

Can You Lose Weight with Hoodia Safely Or Are There Side Effects?

Hoodia is a relatively new weight-loss product to come onto the market. Many people have touted its use as a completely safe way to lose weight minus the side effects found in other weight-loss pills and medicines like abdominal cramps and pains, heart palpitations and effects on the nervos system.

But despite its novelty as a commercial product, it has already proven its safety for the longest time. The San group of people of the Kalahari Desert are said to have been using this product for thousands of years without ill effects.

A study conducted by the drug company Phytopharm also suggests the same thing. When Gordonii was used by obese subjects in the study, there was no report of any of them having adverse reactions to the product.

While the picture looks good for this weight loss supplement, the only downside to it is that the study was conducted for only a short period of time. It was not enough to demonstrate the long-term effects of this product.

So what are consumers to do now? One thing that they could do is to seek their doctor’s advice before using it. Another thing that people should be mindful of is to learn how to use it responsibly and to buy Gordonii in its purest form.

More often than not, good products get a bad reputation because of people who abuse them. While no doubt it has an incredibly promising future, people are advised not to treat it as a cure-all in their goal to weight loss. Its use would still best serve a dieter if combined with the proper diet and exercise.

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Side Effects With Hoodia Gordonii

Health foods are the entire craze now. Exercising and having a healthy body is a top priority for many people these days. With this comes a plethora of different forms of exercises and diets. One of the fast up and coming health food lifestyle is the Hoodia Gordonii.

The benefits of using Hoodia Gordonii are by far more striking than what has been available in the past. Compared to health foods right now it has more health benefits and is more understood. With this method, you have no diets to stick to, it decreases appetite so you don’t feel starved, gives a great feeling of general good health and energy, completely natural and safe to use, won’t keep you awake at night, no specialty food and most of all no stimulants and harmful side effects.

Being classified in South Africa as a food and not a drug, Hoodia Gordonii’s only side effect will cause your brain to believe that you are "full" which only lasts for 24 hours even without the sufficient amount of food ingested. This could be aproblem if you need the energy and power to do strenuous activities.

Local SAN bushmen whose ancestors have been using the plant for thousand years, confirms that there are no negative side effects with Hoodia.Gordonii.

The great worry associated with Hoodia is if it is abused by individuals with eating disorders that wants rapid weight lose, individuals with distorted body images who want to have intense weight lose in a short period of time, often having a disorder called "anorexia nervosa " with or without bulimia, is becoming more common and it is a life threatening disorder when not acted upon.

A proposed warning for use with Hoodia Gordonii as a dietary supplement would be:

– not to be used in childhood, pregnancy, or lactating mothers

– not to be used by individuals with eating disorder

– or those who are underweight or within a normal weight range.

Some comments have already been made in the media about the dangers of Hoodia Gordonii use in the extreme "dieter " with an eating disorder.

No serious or harmful side effects of Goodia Gordonii have been reported; in fact it has been in the African food chain for many years. SAN Bushmen of the Kalahi, one of the worlds most oldest and most primitive tribes, had been eating Hoodia for thousand of years to starve off hunger during long hunting trips.

Although there are no published long term studies on the safety of Hoodia, it has have been used for thousand of years. But the SAN Bushmen tribe of hunter-gatherers do not take pills for blood pressures, diabetes, cholesterol, depression and other diseases like we do, yet they have been able to gain their energy during hunting times. They say that it can even cure their hung-overs and upset stomach.

Hoodia simply has not reached a wide enough market yet or undergone safety testing to know what the side effects, drug interaction and safety concerns are, if there is any. But the main dangers have been tested for and it is shown that it is not dangerous.

To make sure, supplement companies put a standard recommended dose on bottles. There are people though who self regulate and take more than the stated amount. Some would say that they should double the dosage to feel the effect. It really depends on a person’s weight, diet, lifestyle and metabolism. The best way to feel its effect is to follow the exact dosage and to be patient.

Since Hoodia Gordonii is an organic with no synthetic or artificial appetite control agents it is also a natural substance that works on suppressing your appetite. It is not a stimulant and has no side effect. Hoodia Gordonii acts as an appetite suppressant and is said to have a feel-good aphrodisiac quality felt mainly by men.

Of course there is always someone who would experience a reaction even to the safest supplement, so, if you feel anything different and uncomfortable, you must quickly relay this information to your doctor or your dietary consultant.

Hoodia Side Effects – What You Must Know to Avoid the Side Effects From Hoodia

There are many confusing articles and comments about hoodia side effects. The sellers and manufacturers claimed that hoodia is free from side effects. Is it true?

Although this hoodia cactus took the weight loss world by storm, there is no comprehensive test conducted on this diet supplement to show that it is free from side effect. What we can rely on is the overwhelming real users’ experiences with the hoodia supplements.

Not all hoodia gordonii are created all. Some brands of hoodia have side effects. Also the very fact that hoodia is an appetite suppressant itself is a side effects of hoodia as you will find out why shortly.

1) Hoodia Suppresses Hunger

How can this be one of the side effects from hoodia? Isn’t this why you wanted hoodia in the first place?

Let me explain.

Because hoodia gordonii is an appetite suppressant, it is tempting to starve oneself. After all, your brain will think that you are full even though you have not eaten anything.

There is danger to that. If you starve yourself for prolong period, you body will break down muscles leading to lower metabolism rate. That’s why people who cut down calories severely finally hit weight loss plateau.

Therefore even though you are on hoodia, you should never go 20% below the calories intake to maintain your current weight.

2) Hoodia Suppresses Thirst

Hoodia gordonii is a popular and well known appetite suppressant but not many people know that it is also a thirst suppressant. You can get dehydrated if you drink too little water. So make an effort to place a bottle of water near you. Use it reminds yourself to drink water.

3) Hoodia May Interact with Other Drugs

Even though there are claims that hoodia is safe for use with other drugs, it is not exhaustively proven. If you combine hoodia with other medication, there could be other hoodia side effects.

Consult your doctor if you intend to consume hoodia with other medication.

4) Nursing Mothers and Pregnant Women Beware

If you are a nursing mother or currently pregnant, do not attempt to lose weight with hoodia supplement. There are no known studies to show hoodia is safe for nursing mothers or pregnant women. That’s precisely why it’s better not to use it as you and your baby can be affected.

By the way, why do you try to lose weight if you are pregnant?

5) Suffering from Liver Problem

It is not know whether hoodia will put additional stress on the liver. To be on the safe side, consider other way to lose weight if you are suffering from liver related illnesses.

6) Other Common Side Effects from Hoodia (Certain Brands)

Most common hoodia side effects include dizziness, irritability, nausea and nervousness mostly due to the added caffeine to a few brands. It is therefore important to know the content before you buy.

There are also users who suffer from headache and difficulty sleeping at night.

Does this mean that hoodia is a useless diet supplements? Just like any other weight loss product in the market, it is not for everyone.

What should you do?

Don’t be discouraged. You can choose tried and proven brands. That’s your safest bet. Looking at the number of people who succeed with hoodia, there are a few established and popular brands in the market. And that means with little or no hoodia side effects. Try them.

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Jeslyn is a health enthusiast and weight loss solutions researcher with a burning passion for helping overweight individuals.

Her life long mission is to helping others get fit, gain health, achieve sustained weight loss, and free themselves from a life time of dieting through smart weight loss decisions.

The Dangers and Side Effects of Hoodia

When it comes to the dangers of hoodia, there is really no need for alarm as hoodia remains a relatively safe product with no dangerous side effects. Hoodia is a natural product that derives from a cactus plant in Africa and is not tainted with chemicals or heart/brain stimulating pharmaceuticals. While there have been no horror stories that have derived from hoodia usage, there are still those individuals who feel somewhat worried about the potential dangers of the product. This fear of the dangers of hoodia is somewhat well founded considering that there have been some serious consequences resulting from diet products that had been sold on the market in previous years.

The Dangers of Hoodia vs. The Dangers of Ma Huang

One of the benefits of hoodia is the fact that it is a natural product. Often, people will assume that because a product is natural that is will not contain harmful side effects. If anything, the previous generation of dieters learned that natural and safe do not go hand in hand as evidenced by the severe consequences of abuse Ma Huang. For those not familiar with Ma Huang, it is the natural version of ephedrine and it was a common component in weight loss products. Ma Huang would curb appetite, increase heart rate and raise body temperature. The end result of these effects was increased metabolism and weight loss. In addition to weight loss, Ma Huang was responsible for fatal heart attacks and strokes and it was ultimately banned in weight loss supplements. Again, Ma Huang was a natural product that had an extremely negative affect on consumers. Needless to say, it is understandable that some people would be worrisome about the dangers of hoodia.

When it comes to comparing the potential dangers of hoodia vs the real dangers of Ma Huang, one must understand the Ma Huang is primarily a stimulant that rapidly affects the heart. Additionally, Ma Huang also affects the brain and can lead to feelings of euphoria. (Keep in mind, ephedrine is a major ingredient in amphetamines) Hoodia does not have anywhere near these types of stimulant properties so the dangers of hoodia in comparison to Ma Huang are almost incomparable.

While hoodia may not be a perfect product it is certainly not the disastrous product that Ma Huang was. Granted, hoodia is also only a fraction of the potency of Ma Huang, but it also lacks the extreme danger of that stimulant. In that regard, hoodia is a much safer product than what was once offered on diet supplement shelves.

Are There Any Hoodia Side Effects?

Even though hoodia is a natural supplement taken from an African cactus and many people take it, it is important to know about any possible hoodia side effects that may affect you.

Hoodia side effects are not widely researched and still more studies must be done in order to build a greater understanding of any hoodia side effects. What is nice about hoodia is that it does not cause side effects that can be found with other diet pills such as a racing heart, trembling, dizziness and over-stimulation.

Possible Side Effects From Hoodia

Some people may experience an upset stomach when they first start taking hoodia supplements. This side effect has not been studied and until more information is made available, it can only be said that some people have reported an upset stomach when first taking the natural supplement.

A former Hoodia researcher at Pfizer, named Jasjit Bindra, told the press that there were some indications that Hoodia might produce some negative effects to the liver from the active ingredient p5 that is contained in the hoodia and in response to this, some physicians believe that if Hoodia does affect liver function, then it is possible that it may interact with some prescribed medications. No studies have been done to confirm this claim.

The way that hoodia works is that it leads the brain into thinking that there is enough blood sugar in the body and for a diabetic person, this could be harmful if their blood sugar levels dropped too far while taking the hoodia. A diabetic person would not be able to respond to their body’s hunger signals because the hoodia suppresses hunger signs.

Since Hoodia suppresses signs of thirst, a person may not drink enough water even though their body needs the water and other fluids. This would be dangerous for diabetics since they need to drink plenty of fluids for their health. While taking the hoodia, the best thing to do would be to continue a healthy intake of fluids even if you do not feel thirsty.

Your metabolism will slow down if your body is not getting enough calories, which means that you will burn calories off slowly. Hoodia could cause your metabolism to slow down if you take too much hoodia. You want to keep a faster metabolism so you can drop the weight easier so always take the hoodia according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Pregnant and nursing women should not take hoodia because the side effects for women in these conditions are unknown so it is better to be on the safe side in these situations.

If you are healthy and just want to lose weight, your choice to take hoodia could help you reach your diet goals without any unwanted hoodia side effects. When you are informed about any possible hoodia side effects, you can determine if hoodia is right for you.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. Visit dangers of hoodia to find out how does hoodia really work and related hoodia side effects.

Get Rid of Your Extra Fat Without Unique Hoodia Side Effects

Unique hoodia is a weird item without any filler, additives or lubricants along with other components that boost up the metabolic fee in an imbalanced rate. It just fools your mind by offering fuller feeling around the stomach, so that the daily consumption of calories is dismounted to a higher extent. If you insist on the natural fat loss but do not wish to give up immediate results, the only choice is unique hoodia, as you can really feel the impact after 30 minutes of consumption.

Unique hoodia is really a flourishing item and has several on-line replicas. Whenever there is a talk about fat discount, certainly hoodia products are buzzed over there. Several brands consist of hoodia, used from other components of hoodia cactus that’s not as potent as the 1 used in the core of the plant.

The hunger prangs are dismayed and ultimately you will consume much less than what you eat regularly. If you are fed up using the usual chemical prescribed tablets along with other rigorous process that are unlikely to produce the anticipated outcomes, attempt unique hoodia, because it will be the most wholesome product to drop weight in an effortless way. In fact, hoodia itself is really a effective hunger suppressing agent and does not need any enrichment from additional herbs. As they could not find adequate food although travelling, they consume hoodia gordonii to repress their starvation.

This way of holding again is extremely much important for today’s globe, exactly where you can discover throng hoarding for fast meals without diet, alluring your tongue. Actually, almost all of the obese people are perhaps the ones who could not control their temptation on the high calorie food. Unique hoodia is packed with 460 mg of hoodia and the brands that declare to have one thousand mg encompass additives. The researches created on hoodia have reported that 460 mg is sufficient to generate instant and fast weight discount. In fact, the company by no means appoints any 3rd party in delivery the uncooked material, to steer clear of the mal apply. This adds self-confidence amongst the individuals, particularly in the viewpoint of no Unique Hoodia side effects.

Hoodia Side Effects – Will Hoodia Make You Feel Hyper and Often Nervous?

You wouldn’t hear any hoodia side effects if the supplement being consumed are authentic, again, authentic! There are several hoodia products that are replica or contained mixture of ingredients like mild stimulants and others. The added ingredients are usually the one that causes bad effects to someone like feeling nervous or becoming overexcited. Only pure and authentic hoodia gordoonii diet supplement have remarkable record as of now when it comes to safety and bad effects.

Though we haven’t heard of any harmful effects of natural herb supplements, be aware that these herb diet supplements only came out in the market sometime in 2004. One more thing is that, even if hoodia has been used for decades by locals in South Africa as an appetite suppressant with no side effect, they did not consume it very often. We never know what could be the side effect when being consumed daily or often.

Some factors are needed to be considered to make sure you are only taking authentic hoodia and save yourself from experiencing any side effect. Read the product labels very carefully and find the ingredient you are looking for – "hoodia gordonii" and as much as possible with few added ingredients or no additives at all. Usually, supplements are being supplemented with other ingredients and you have to check what are the possible effects of these additional components to you. Some common ingredients are caffeine and other mild stimulants as stated earlier, and these can cause unwanted effects like becoming hyper and feeling nervous or jittery. On the other hand, supplements containing 100% pure and authentic hoodia gordonii extract will not give you any effects which are not good for you.

Look for a certificate from Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna or CITES. The hoodia gordonii plant is being protected so there are tight regulations over the exportation of it. Manufacturers import their hoodia supply in South Africa where its primarily found and it is required to secure a certificate from CITES. You can usually find CITES certifications in companies’ websites who are making use of authentic hoodia. This is a reliable proof that the supplement from the company is genuine.

You should also come across with laboratory tests results exclusively done in the product. Lab test will assure your safety and that will prove you are taking authentic and pure hoodia extracts. Laboratory test can show you what is in the supplement. Though certificates can be counterfeited and product labels can be misleading, you cannot cheat with science. The test will prove either the product is authentic and reliable or not. In the event, lab test are also being forged, you can check yourself with the laboratory indicated they used.

Taking precautions before purchasing your hoodia diet pills is necessary to make sure the product you take doesn’t give you any unwanted side effects like being hyper and feeling nervous so often.

BBC News Report on Hoodia

Now you know the truth about hoodia  60 Minutes, and the BBC reports. You may also be surprised to learn that the majority of the hoodia supplements available today are fake- meaning they contain less than 50% of the hoodia plant! 60 Minutes and the BBC actually tested fact. Find out which brands are 100% real by visiting.

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Hoodia Side Effects-Should You Be Concerned?

You’ve heard all about the wonders of hoodia gordonii and how it could help you finally reach your weight loss goals. The current popularity of this powerful and natural appetite suppressant can be traced back to a BBC documentary and a 60 minutes report that aired in the early 2000’s. Ever since then, dieters across the globe have been using it to stave off hunger and to help them with their weight loss.

Should these dieters be concerned about any hoodia gordonii side effects? At the time of this writing, the answer is no. There have been no reported side effects from taking hoodia diet pills. However, there are still a few precautions to keep in mind.

The San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert have been eating this cactus-like plant for centuries to stave off hunger during long hunting trips without any known hoodia side effects. However, they use it sparingly. Scientists and researchers don’t know what the long term side effects are of daily use.

Although hoodia gordonii is very familiar to the Bushmen, it is relatively new to the rest of the world. And unlike other natural weight loss supplements that have been around for a while, it doesn’t have a lengthy track record so the potential dangers over the long-term are unknown.

While there are currently no known hoodia side effects, daily use of hoodia diet pills may prove to be dangerous over the long term as we learn more about them and their effects on dieters. If you recall, when ephedra was first introduced it was considered completely safe until adverse side effects were discovered and it was ultimately banned. Granted, hoodia is much different than ephedra as ephedra is a stimulant. The point is it could prove to be harmful in the future. Today that seems unlikely, but hoodia supplements haven’t been around long enough to say that they are completely safe for long-term use.

Hoodia gordonii side effects on women who are pregnant or nursing have not been determined. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should probably avoid taking any products that contain it. If you insist on trying any hoodia products, you should exercise extreme caution and consult your doctor first.

There are really only two potential hoodia side effects at this time: loss of money and starvation. Authentic hoodia gordonii diet pills cost about $60 per bottle and will only last two to three weeks if taken regularly. You could easily spend up to $120 for a one-month supply and it doesn’t seem likely the prices will come down anytime soon.

When I talk about starvation, I don’t mean literally starve, but rather eating so little food that your body goes into starvation mode. Hoodia appetite suppressants can be very effective if used properly. If you over do it, your appetite could be so severely suppressed that you don’t eat as much as you should. Most dieters make the mistake of believing that less food (less calories) is the key to weight loss. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you deprive your body of calories, it goes into starvation mode to protect itself. It slows down its metabolism to conserve what little calories you give it. The result is you burn less calories and what little calories you consume are stored as fat. It’s important you continue to eat a regular, healthy diet while taking hoodia diet pills so that your body gets the calories it needs to keep your metabolism burning.

Other than taking a hit in the wallet and running the slight risk of not eating enough, these are currently the only known hoodia gordonii side effects.

Now you know the potential hoodia side effect

Hoodia Side Effects – Energy, Weight Loss Without a Diet

Hoodia side effects have been the subject of a considerable amount of research in the past few years. As in all new discoveries, particularly when it concerns the area of health, the number one preoccupation is of course to determine whether a product is safe or not. This of course also applied to Hoodia.

In a remote area of South Africa, known only to the local population, there is plant looking like a small cactus which contains a unique molecule that can act as an effective appetite suppressant when you eat it. This miracle plant is known as Hoodia.

Why would the locals eat this strong appetite reducer when they clearly do not appear to have excess weight issues? For the very reason that in an environment where food is hard to come by, it helps if you don’t feel hungry, particularly when you go on long hunting expeditions!

For a growing number of folks around the "modern" world though, the need for such a plant doesn’t arise because of a shortage of food, but rather because we seem to be hungry all the time and as result tend to over eat. In such cases, a plant or pill that can safely trick the brains into thinking that we have our fill of food is not only welcome but can also be a life saver and Hoodia has been shown to be able to fulfill that promise.

It is important to know that Hoodia Side Effects are non-existent just as any other nutritional supplements should also be void of side effects. With no reported reaction to the Hoodia, people who are struggling to keep their hunger under control are given the tools to fight their need to over eat. If the brain thinks it is not hungry, then it won’t think of the food it wants you to eat!

Of even greater importance is the fact that in their tests, scientists have been stunned to find that patients who were given Hoodia had unconsciously reduced their daily calories intake by as much as 1000 calories.

A thousand calorie deficit on a daily basis puts into perspective the 3600 calories the average adult person needs to cut in order to lose one pound. Over time, people with a lot of excess weight can lose a substantial amount of weight.

Taking Hoodia doesn’t mean that you can start eating all the wrong food all of a sudden and decide not to exercise ever again. The health of your body is directly dependent on the food you give it and on the exercises you submit it to.

But making those lifestyle changes can be facilitated by Hoodia. By sending a message to the brain that we are full, we automatically begin to make unconscious lifestyle changes as we cut down on the number of calories we consume each day. With a set of mind in the process of being changed with relation to food, it then becomes easy to make other lifestyle changes.

It is becoming accepted now that diets don’t work. "I am on a diet" was a sentence doomed to be begin with as it implied a decision on the part of the dieter to restrict and or eliminate certain groups of foods over an extended period of time. We know now that the repetition of such diets can have a yoyo effect which can make things worse and actually cause a person to gain weight instead. No to mention the chaos such lifestyle causes to the health of the person.

Instead of dieting, we should be making small life style changes that we can follow easily. In such cases, there is not doubt that Hoodia can be extremely beneficial in helping us lose weight.

Hoodia is an appetite suppressant and can give you the edge. In addition, there are no known Hoodia Side Effects to report making this product a must have if you are serious about your decision to tackle your weight successfully.

Debbie writes about weight related issues in various online magazine and websites such as Lose Weight Lose Fat where you can also find information about Effects of Hoodia Side

Side Effects Of Hoodia Gordonii Plus – Discover If There Are Any Adverse Side Effects

Many people claim that Hoodia Gordonii Plus have done a lot of good to them in helping them reducing weight. Also, some people say that weight supplements that contain Hoodia are not good for losing weight. Actually the truth is that there are over 40 types of Hoodia and it is only Hoodia Gordonii that will give you that total weight loss that you desire. So those who say that Hoodia products are bad aren’t correct. All that needs to be done is to buy from a reliable source and then see the wonders that follow.

However, because so many people have claimed that Hoodia Gordonii Plus is good, does not mean that you shouldn’t find out if it has any adverse side effects. The truth is that there are no side effects of the Gordonii Plus. Instead, there are lots of benefits up for grabs.

The thing is that this product is an appetite suppressant that will aid easy weight loss. It is as simple as that. To get the very best results from this product, you have to take plenty of water. The reason for this is that because Hoodia Gordonii Plus is an appetite suppressant, there is room for dehydration since the feeling for hunger will not always be as constant as before. So take plenty of water immediately after using this product. You will also need to combine this with a sensible food program that will always keep you nourished. This is not to say that the Gordonii Plus does not contain nutritional supplements but you just have to take food – don’t you?

One last thing you should do is to participate in a lot exercise. This will keep you fit and also help you reduce your weight alongside the Hoodia Gordonii Plus you are taking.

Surely, there aren’t side effects of Hoodia Gordonii Plus. It is safe for all those who want to lose weight (except you are in a special kind of condition or category like pregnant women and children). Go ahead to get your own Gordonii now.