Weight Loss Side Effects- Staying Sane While Losing Weight





 Losing a lot of weight quickly is not only a huge shock to your body and organs it can also hurt you mentally and emotionally and it can make keeping the weight loss harder than those who stick to diet’s that help you achieve a healthy body weight gradually.

Weight Loss Side Effects

– Depressed and Grumpy

This one of the most common side effects of rapid weight loss and its easy to spot someone on a very calorie restricted diet because of how easily they loose there temper or get upset. The main reason for this is extreme carbohydrate reduction made popular by low carbohydrate diets which put an enormous strain on your liver and force our bodies to find fuel from any other source. Carbohydrate’s are the most efficient fuel source for the human body and running on anything else will leave you feeling like staying in bed all day. Carbohydrates stimulate the production of serotonin which is brain chemical that improves mood and overall emotional wellbeing.

– Irregular Periods

Another common side effect while on a diet that restricts the consumption of dietary fats is having irregular periods. Dietary fats are closely linked with the production of the female hormone estrogen and are vital for controlling regular period timing and duration. Rapid weight loss side effects like this one can be easily avoided by not being scared to eat your healthy fats and include them as a part of your healthy eating plan. Fat plays a vital role in weight loss and simply avoiding it will leave your body more prone to store fat.

Weight Loss Side Effects

Stretch marks and weight loss seem to come together and loosing large amounts of weight at a time increases the risk of you developing large stretch marks. When the skin expands and contracts with weight loss the natural collagen and elastin breaks down eventually leading to scars and stretch marks.

By maintaining proper fluid intake you can help to keep your skin moisturized and help it to adapt as you loose weight. You can help to prevent stretch marks by using moisturizing creams and applying the cream when in its early stages to avoid those becoming permanent stretch marks.


Weight Loss Side Effects