Phytopharm Hoodia

Phytopharm Hoodia

Top Common Reasons Why Your Hoodia Supplements Didn’t Work

When the hoodia supplements didn’t deliver the result you wanted, your body may be the culprit.

Here is the most common reasons why the hoodia dietary supplement never work for users:

1) The Toxic in Your Body

If you are suffering from frequent indigestion, water retention, constipation and excess fat, you probably have too much toxins in you.

I don’t mean you intentionally consume toxic. In fact, you are probably not aware that you are poisoning yourself unknowingly. These are the chemicals that enter your body through the food sources. For example pesticides.

Over time, most of these chemicals built up, and formed thick layer of plaque inside your colon and intestines. The disgusting plaque blocked off any benefits you can reap from hoodia gordonii, making it a useless hoodia dietary supplement.

Time for a colon cleanse.

Flush those disgusting plague out of your body with an all natural herbal colon cleansing treatment.

2) Contaminated Water Source

Just because bottled water comes with pictures of snow cap mountain does not mean they are pure and clean.

The manufacturing process for bottled water is not tight at all. Most of the expensive bottled water is just as good as city tap water only.

The tap water is not safe either. Now, I don’t have to convince you that arsenic is a poison. Even at low level, the World Health Organization (WHO) admits that it shows "evidence of hazard". Guess what? In America, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows chemical like arsenic and lead to exist in the water supply. Don’t believe? Do a search on their official site.

Instead of helping, a contaminated water source may hinder yours weight loss – by destroying the hunger curbing benefit of the hoodia diet supplement.

Your safest bet is to use filtered water. Get a good filtered water system.

3) Your Hoodia Supplement

We all have different body biochemistry. What this means is, what works well for others may not work for you at all.

For some, 100% pure hoodia gordonii powder worked extremely well. For others they effectively suppressed their appetite with a mixed of hoodia gordonii and other ingredients. Yet for some other people, nothing worked expect liquid hoodia.

While I won’t know which type of hoodia diet supplement will work for you, the easiest and safest way is to try out popular brands. Look for real reviews. If 100% pure hoodia supplements don’t work, tried the mixed type or liquid hoodia.

You may not see significant effect after the first dose. Don’t give up. Consume it for at least 2 weeks before concluding.

4) Poor Food Choices

It’s worth mentioning that most hoodia supplements are appetite suppressants. Other than curbing hunger, it doesn’t do anything else.

Realistically, if you are still indulging in fried, sweet and highly processed food, it’s unlikely you are going to lose weight even if you swallow the whole hoodia cactus.

Foods that contain high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, hydrogenated or partial hydrogenated oil should be out of your plate.

Unprocessed carbs are better than refined carbs but fruits and vegetables are better. Technically they’re less calories dense per unit volume so you tends to feel full faster without loading yourself with calories.

Add the right kind of fats to your diet. The key is to have natural fats. Try foods like salmon, tout and avocado.

Use coconut oils and pure virgin olive oils.

Include a mixed of plant and animal proteins. Eat beans, legumes, and nuts. For animal protein, consume free-range and/or organic meats.

Consider the suggestions. Avoid the hoodia supplements mistakes. The only way to make hoodia gordonii work for you is through actions. Now let me help you.

For those serious about reaching their weight loss goal, now you can get easily compare some of the best hoodia supplements before making your decision. Go ahead and check out what we have got ready for you. Choosing the perfect hoodia supplement that fits you can’t get easier than this.

Get hoodia Information extensively researched and carefully put together. Pick up great tips and advices build on our years of experience and knowledge at the Official South African Hoodia Gordonii station. Making hoodia works for you starts here.

Jeslyn is a health enthusiast and weight loss solutions researcher with a burning passion for helping overweight individuals.

Her life long mission is to helping others get fit, gain health, achieve sustained weight loss, and free themselves from a life time of dieting through smart weight loss decisions.

How To Find a Hoodia Supplement That Really Works

OK, so you want to find a Hoodia supplement that really does work and lets you lose your excess pounds.

You’ve seen all the adverts and television interviews about how hoodia is a great weight loss product. But there’s so many different products and variations on the shelf. Just how do you go about choosing the right hoodia product for you?

Start by doing a little bit of research about Hoodia Gordonii, so that you can tell the truth from the advertising hype. Hoodia is a cactus-like succulent plant that only grows in the regions near the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. The San Bushmen living there regularly eat hoodia to kill their hunger on their long hunting expeditions. Western scientists analyzed the hoodia plant and discovered a molecule in the hoodia gordonii plant, which they named P 57. Further testing found that it is this molecule that makes the plant a wonderful appetite suppressant.

There’s only one company, a British one called Phytopharm, that holds the sole right to market Hoodia Gordonii as a weight-loss product. So other companies have teamed up with them to market it. Despite the fact that the San Bushmen have been using hoodia for so long, it still needs to go through all the usual pharmaceutical trials before it is approved by the FDA. It looks likely that Hoodia Gordonii will be officially made available for weight loss sometime in 2008. That said, you can buy it over the counter now as a dietary supplement, but it won’t be labeled as a weight-loss drug.

Hoodia came to fame in November 2004 in a ’60 Minutes’ program on CBS. Since "as seen on TV" is a powerful selling point, lots of companies have started marketing hoodia products, often in combination with some other appetite suppressant drugs like ephedrine or ma huang, with some fake Hoodia.

There is also no standard dosage of Hoodia Gordonii in the pills or capsules marketed by the various companies.

Which makes finding a true hoodia supplement a little bit hit and miss unless you’re careful and follow these rules:

    * Make sure the company marketing has a permit from CITES (the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)
    * Check the product carries a report about its purity
    * Check it carries a license from the Western Cape Conservation Authority of South Africa
    * Make sure it has no ephedrine, ephedra or ma huang and that it is 100% pure
    * Ideally, get a money back guarantee as well.

Another Scam or Not – The Hoodia Gordonii Side Effects

Okay before we get started I would really appreciate it if all of the people who have no business loosing weight please leave. I mean seriously. I get the most ridiculous emails at times from people who could hide behind me when I am standing sideways. This is for people like me. I am a mother of 6 and I actually need to eat in order to live. No, I am not talking about the 1 carrot stick a day meal plan, I am talking about real food. So if this isn’t you get going.

On to our topic. I was so excited when I heard about the newest miracle in weight lose. I told my husband as soon as he got home and I had even found a few places to purchase it from. Then the worst thing happened. First, always make sure you know your husbands mood before you spring any money item on him. Second, make sure you always get rid of failed products before you ask him about a new one. That’s right, not only did he say no. He actually pointed out various failed products.

I did the usual. I told him this time was different. I told him, I saw it on the news. I told him lots of sites were caring it. I told him I could find it on sale. It didn’t work. He said no. The days went by and he still said no. Well it was time to change tactics. You ladies no what I am talking about. Find the problem and get around it. So I kept asking but now I was listened to why. This is what I heard. He was worried last time I jumped on a diet product. He felt this was just another scam. He loved me.

So I decided to take action. I found out that although Hoodia is still being researched it is a relatively safe product. It has been being studied for quite sometime and no side effects have been found to date. Although there is one thing to be careful about. Most of the Hoodia products currently on the market won’t do a thing for you though. You see, they don’t have enough Hoodia in them. The percentage of Hoodia is so low you think it would be illegal for them to put Hoodia on the bottle.

My best advice get informed. Find out not only what needs to be in the product but also how much. As much as 80% of the current products on the market are junk so please be like me and do your research. Hoodia can and will work but only if you are getting a high quality product, with a good source of Hoodia. This also helps with skeptical husbands. Good luck in your weight battle. I myself will battle on.

Hoodia Gordonii – Side Effects Versus Benefits

Since the media articles featured on the BBC and 60 Minutes, Hoodia diet supplements have become the latest craze in the battle to shed pounds. But buyers beware – there are sharks in the waters!

The benefits of the Hoodia cactus are quite well known. Hoodia has been used by the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa for hundreds of years to suppress their appetite during long hunting journeys. Since the Western world discovered Hoodia there have been many stories of people that have used Hoodia to lose weight successfully, including myself. You can read my 7 day case study documenting my first 7 days of using one of the leading Hoodia supplements Hoodia Gordonii Plus.

Hoodia helps you to eat less without feeling the hunger pains and discomfort that causes you to snack. Your body can learn to eat only the food it needs without craving the extra food that causes you to put on weight. It is a fantastic way to begin your diet and get into the habit of eating smaller and lighter meals.

Unlike other weight loss pills, Hoodia has no reported side effects from clinical trials and will not cause your heart to race, make you sweat or cause you to feel exhausted like many other weight loss medications. While clinical studies have only examined the effects of Hoodia in the short term (until a few years ago it remained undiscovered), the Bushmen of South Africa have been using it successfully for hundreds of years.

Hoodia is a natural mood enhancer and the Hoodia Gordonii Plus supplement also comes with an energy booster to further assist you not to feel the reduced energy effects of eating less.

Hoodia pills are simply a powdered form of the Hoodia cactus, a food that has the added benefit of reducing your hunger significantly. There are many different forms of Hoodia available including tablets, capsules, patches, liquid hoodia and even teas and coffee products containing Hoodia.

Hoodia may be relatively new on the market but after considering safety and benefits, I chose to try it and like the hundreds of testimonials you read I could not be more pleased with the results.

Hoodia Extract

Enter the phrase ‘Hoodia Gordonii’ in to any search engine and you will be faced with a flood of results, all telling you to buy their own ‘Unique’ Hoodia extract.

If you’ve done this, which I’m sure you have, you’ll now be thinking "Yes, and what of it?" The key is in the word ‘extract’

You see, the active ingredient in Hoodia, "p57", is found solely in the core of the Hoodia Gordonii plant. That’s the ingredient responsible for weight-loss… However, by simply adding the word ‘extract’ on the end of their product title, companies can get away with including extracts from any other part of the plant, none of which will aid your weight-loss.

This enables manufacturers to add bulk to their product, charging you more for the same amount of "p57".

As if that was not bad enough already, out of the 13 known types of Hoodia, it is only Hoodia Gordonii which contains the active ingredient "p57". In fact an ongoing review of Hoodia pills by Alkemists Pharmaceuticals found that at least half of the products advertised as containing hoodia contained none whatsoever.
Therefore, if you see any Hoodia product which does not state anywhere that it is ‘Hoodia Gordonii’ specifically, or is termed as an ‘extract’, steer clear.

But don’t lose faith just yet…

The industry has met the issue of authenticity with clinical testing, and trustworthy brands will have been awarded with certification to prove that they are the real deal.

One such trustworthy product is UniqueHoodia, which contains no useless fillers, just 460mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii.

In one package of UniqueHoodia, customers can experience the satisfaction of knowing that they are receiving:

• 100% pure, unadulterated Hoodia, in easy to use gelatine capsules;
• A 2,000 calorie reduction every day
• 10,000 times the strength of appetite suppression, compared to glucose

Hoodia Extract Controversy – What’s the Big Deal?

There are many manufacturers just waiting to sell you Hoodia extract. But what you should know is that Hoodia cannot actually be sold in extract form. This means that if you’re considering buying it from a manufacturer that claims their product includes an extract, you can expect to end up with a fake product. The word ‘extract’ means that the Hoodia they are selling was extracted from the plant and is not pure. Extract simply means that it is a sample of Hoodia and this sample is approximate to 60% of it, and is definitely not the 100% that real Hoodia Gordonii products are.

The 40% that’s missing from the product is made from leaves or the stem of the Hoodia plant. But the only part of the plant that’s effective for appetite suppressant purposes is the core. It is this part of the plant that contains the molecule P57 and this molecule is what will help you lose weight. The 40% may also be made up of other Hoodia plants that aren’t effective for weight loss. There are 13 types of these plants but it is only the Hoodia Gordonii plant that will help you lose weight.

Because of this, it’s very important to read the label of any Hoodia product. This will tell you which type of plant is used, and if there is any extract in the product. If you see extract listed, find another Hoodia product that does not involve any extract. And in fact, you should be looking for a Hoodia product that doesn’t contain anything except for Hoodia Gordonii and Gelatin. Gelatin is only the ingredient that’s needed to create the capsule. The capsule Hoodia comes in is very smooth and easy to swallow thanks to the Gelatin that it contains. But the Gelatin won’t interfere with the effectiveness of genuine Hoodia.

Other than the ingredients listed, there are a few other things you should look out for when trying to find a genuine Hoodia product. One thing you should make sure every product has is a CITES certificate. This certificate verifies the fact that the particular product is genuine and authentic. You should also check to see what clinical testing has been done on the Hoodia. Alkemist Laboratories states that 80% of all the these products on the market are fake. And those are just the ones they know about! Make sure any Hoodia supplement has been tested for authenticity and has the results to back it up.

But don’t get discouraged that you’ll never find a genuine Hoodia pill. There are a few on the market. One of the best Hoodia products is UniqueHoodia. UniqueHoodia is pure Hoodia that does not use any Hoodia extract in the manufacturing process. UniqueHoodia will also cut down your calories by 2,000 every day and it also has 10,000 times the appetite reduction power than glucose. UniqueHoodia is a product you can take safely and be sure that it will help you lose weight!

The Physical Effects of Hoodia Contraindications

Hoodia Gordonii is a fascinating botanical as somehow it manages to minimize the appetite and vanquish all food cravings while at the same time providing stamina and a sense of well-being.

It does not work like other diet supplements (such as caffeine, Dexedrine and ephedra) that speed up your bodily functions and can give you a buzzy anxious feeling.
Also there is no "crash" at the end of the day or mood swings. You simply do not feel the urge to eat or make up for what you haven’t eaten to make yourself feel better after a day of deprivation.

It seems that a substance that is so effective should have some kind of negative side effect. There is one. It minimizes your appetite so effectively that you may lose too much weight a week.

Some people have lost as much as ten pounds a week on Hoodia but anyone who has "been around the block" when it comes to diets knows that this will only cause rebound weight gain once you stop taking it.

It is very important to monitor your weight loss when you are on Hoodia and keep your loss to a minimum of two to three pounds a week. Just two pounds a week is what doctors recommend for healthy, PERMANENT weight loss.

Chemically Hoodia works in the body by mimicking the effects of glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose fuels cells so they can create energy.

Hoodia contains a molecule that is exactly 10,000 times more active in the bloodstream when compared to glucose. This molecule triggers nerve cells within the brain to recognize the hoodia as an excess of glucose.

When these nerve cells detect hoodia within the body, it commands the body to stop eating. This is why when you take Hoodia, you lose your appetite and especially your cravings for anything with glucose (sugar) in it. If you have an addiction to soft drinks, Hoodia may be your answer as it can even cause an aversion to sugary drinks.

When on Hoodia many people don’t even feel like drinking water. However make sure you are drinking at least eight glasses of water a day so that your body is well hydrated and easily flushes any toxins out of your body.

Hoodia is so effective that it is like fasting. The first thing that happens when you fast is that your body begins to detoxify so it is absolutely crucial for you to drink as much water as you can while you are on it.

Unlike other weight loss drugs that work, especially those that are now banned such as ephedra and Phen Phen. Hoodia does not have a stimulant effect at all but it does increase endurance.

You feel full even if you have taken just a tiny bit of the plant as it gives a direct message to the hypothalamus that you are full. The chemical ingredient in the plant responsible for this is called p57.

As a warning if you have had a history of disease to do with your hypothalamus glands, such as cancer, hoodia may not be the right weight loss supplement for you. Always check with your doctor first in case he or she foresees any contraindications to your health (even though officially hoodia has no known side effects except for excessive or extreme weight loss)

Still as with all things that are newer to consumers, use hoodia in moderation.