Hoodia Side Effects have been the subject of a considerable amount of research in the past few years. As in all new discoveries, particularly when it concerns the area of health, the number one preoccupation is of course to determine whether a product is safe or not. This of course also applied to Hoodia.

Hoodia side effects are almost unheard of if authentic hoodia supplements are taken. It is important to note that the critical word in that statement is authentic. Most are fake or are loaded with a variety of ingredients – caffeine and other mild stimulants being some of them. It’s these other ingredients and mild stimulants that can produce unwanted side effects such as the jitters. Diet supplements that contain only authentic hoodia gordonii have a solid track record so far in terms of their safety and side effects.

If hoodia does affect liver function, it may also interact with other medications a person is taking. The San Bushmen are a tribe of hunter-gatherers, and probably did not take same pills for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, depression, and other diseases, that we do, another reason why unconfirmed reports of safe use by the San should not be relied on.

Hoodia side effects are produced when taken by anyone with diabetes, since hoodia tricks the body into thinking that it has enough sugar in the blood and if someone has got diabetes then this would cause a dangerous drop in the blood sugar level. And with hoodia suppressing the appetite the warning signs of low sugar level which is hunger would not be there and this would be too late to notice.

Hoodia can also cause dehydration since it not only suppresses the hunger but also the thirst. This lack of water intake can end up being a problem since everyone needs water to survive and if someone does not take enough it may cause dehydration which will manifest as bodily dysfunctions like dizziness, dry mouth, a feeling of confusion, general feeling of weakness and also fatigue which will disrupt how your day to day life goes on. Hoodia also cause minor stomach upset as hoodia side effects.