Hoodia Side Effects

Many people want to lose weight not only to feel better about themselves, but also to increase their level of health and overall outlook on life. Thanks to natural supplements like hoodia, this can be possible even for those who thought weight loss was impossible. But what are Hoodia Side Effects potential users might want to watch out for?


You’ve heard all about the wonders of hoodia gordonii and how it could help you finally reach your weight loss goals. The current popularity of this powerful and natural appetite suppressant can be traced back to a BBC documentary and a 60 minutes report that aired in the early 2000’s. Ever since then, dieters across the globe have been using it to stave off hunger and to help them with their weight loss.


Hoodia plants belong to a genus with 13 species native to the African continent in an area stretching from Namibia to Angola. These plants resemble cacti although the flower smells offensive, which many have described as akin to rotten meat. The San Bushmen appear to have experienced no Hoodia Side Effects in their centuries-old usage of the plant for its medicinal properties.

Being 100% natural, Hoodia is classed as an all natural product. Natural diet products are renowned for their relative safety compared to synthetic diet products. In fact parts of the Hoodia Gordonii cactus was eaten by bushmen of the Kalahari desert for years without apparent ill effects. The only effects was that their hunger was significantly reduced, which was needed when food is scarce.

Hoodia Side Effects

Hoodia Side Effects have been the subject of a considerable amount of research in the past few years. As in all new discoveries, particularly when it concerns the area of health, the number one preoccupation is of course to determine whether a product is safe or not. This of course also applied to Hoodia.

Hoodia side effects are almost unheard of if authentic hoodia supplements are taken. It is important to note that the critical word in that statement is authentic. Most are fake or are loaded with a variety of ingredients – caffeine and other mild stimulants being some of them. It’s these other ingredients and mild stimulants that can produce unwanted side effects such as the jitters. Diet supplements that contain only authentic hoodia gordonii have a solid track record so far in terms of their safety and side effects.

If hoodia does affect liver function, it may also interact with other medications a person is taking. The San Bushmen are a tribe of hunter-gatherers, and probably did not take same pills for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, depression, and other diseases, that we do, another reason why unconfirmed reports of safe use by the San should not be relied on.

Hoodia side effects are produced when taken by anyone with diabetes, since hoodia tricks the body into thinking that it has enough sugar in the blood and if someone has got diabetes then this would cause a dangerous drop in the blood sugar level. And with hoodia suppressing the appetite the warning signs of low sugar level which is hunger would not be there and this would be too late to notice.

Hoodia can also cause dehydration since it not only suppresses the hunger but also the thirst. This lack of water intake can end up being a problem since everyone needs water to survive and if someone does not take enough it may cause dehydration which will manifest as bodily dysfunctions like dizziness, dry mouth, a feeling of confusion, general feeling of weakness and also fatigue which will disrupt how your day to day life goes on. Hoodia also cause minor stomach upset as hoodia side effects.

The Effects Of Hoodia On Human Liver

Dr. David MacLean conducted a study with Phytopharm about P57, known as the active chemical in Hoodia, it was injected into the brains of rats. It resulted that the liver was able to break down P57 quite simply.

The concern came when suppositions were made the liver was the organ that eradicated P57 this, because overweight or obese individuals will usually have liver irregularities, and therefore, Hoodia might place the subject’s livers under additional stress with the intake of Hoodia.

Realistically, individuals who take Hoodia must do so under doctor’s guidance.

They’re only mere suppositions because no study is still performed yet regarding the outcomes of Hoodia about the liver although you will see no existing reviews of people who developed liver problems after taking Hoodia supplements. Individuals with healthy livers can take Hoodia and never bother about anything, but when you’re obese and possess liver problems, it is best to speak to your physician first.

The Role Of Hoodia In Diabetes

Hunger reduction effect of Hoodia can control food consumption and cravings thereby prevent diabetes from developing.

To take into account, however, is definitely the effect of P57 on a fluctuations of blood sugar levels because this chemical mimics the issues of glucose; because of this, diabetes patients should seek professional advice prior to taking Hoodia supplements.

Can Pregnant Or Nursing Women Take Hoodia?

Hoodia weight loss pills really should not be used by pregnant women because Hoodia causes appetite suppression and a considerable drop in calorie consumption. This decrease in nutrition can affect the unborn child or the infant who derives its nutrients from the mother’s milk.

Lowering of the urge to eat for pregnant and nursing women can deprive the child of their needed calories and nutrients. Another speculation is that the appetite suppressing consequences can be passed on to the child – while there is no proof yet regarding the validity of this speculation – but getting the risk is not worth it. A baby’s appetite ought not to be suppressed otherwise development may be affected. Hoodia supplements really should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.

On The Whole, Is Hoodia Safe And Secure?

Hoodia remains safe and secure in most cases seeing as there are no known bad unwanted effects when making use of pure Hoodia Gordonii. Blood pressure levels and heart rate will never be troubled by Hoodia since it is not a stimulant. People who have medical conditions should take Hoodia with specialized medical supervision so that their conditions may be observed at close range, and Hoodia does not react or interfere with other drugs that you may be taking. Along with all, just make sure that your supplement contains 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii. as listed on the Top Rated Pure Hoodia page.


There may be no known negative effects, but it is the positive side effects of Hoodia that make it so popular. Primarily it is used as an appetite suppressant. The key ingredient in Hoodia is p57, which acts to fool the body into believing it has eaten even when you haven’t ate in hours. In fact one BBC correspondent reported a lack of hunger for a full 24 hours after taking a Hoodia supplement.

By helping people eat less, this cactus extract can significantly reduce the number of calories consumed each day, thus leading to a calorie deficit. By eating less calories than you burn you get a guaranteed weight loss effect. Thorough research of a diet supplements side effects is always important when choosing a diet product.

But even in relatively healthy individuals, the hoodia side effects can still be felt but only under special circumstances. For one thing, if you consume more than the recommended amounts, then you will be exposing yourself to high risks of dehydration and malnutrition.

For another thing, if you consider hoodia as a nutritional supplement and, therefore, take it as you would vitamin and mineral capsules, then you are gravely mistaken. The hoodia side effects will then be said to include the symptoms of hunger and deprivation like dizziness, nausea and other signs of ill health.


There are a few things you want to look for to be sure that what you are taking is authentic and to prevent experiencing any side effects. The first thing you’ll want to do is read the product labels carefully. You are looking for as few ingredients as possible. Ideally, you only want to see one ingredient and one ingredient only – hoodia gordonii. If the product you are considering contains a variety of ingredients, make sure you know what the side effects are of each ingredient. It’s common practice within the supplement industry to load diet supplements with a variety of ingredients – particularly caffeine and other mild stimulants. If you have sensitivity to caffeine and other stimulants, these types of supplements may very well make you feel hyper or jittery. However, a supplement that contains only 100% authentic hoodia gordonii will not produce such unwanted side effects.

A lack of hoodia side effects is not the only reason why the plant craze is shaking up the dieting world. In addition to its safe application, the supplement is considered by many to be very effective in doing exactly what it says it does. There are some clinical trials that support what the South Africans have known for generations – hoodia helps the body feel full.

Hoodia side effects that are known to man include the suppression of hunger and a potential increase in metabolism of food. The plant has been known to assist people in chopping out some major caloric intake throughout the day while still allowing enough food intake to maintain good health. This particular combination is important for anyone who wants to lose weight without losing health along the way. Dieting without common sense can be dangerous.